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Giving Back

At Arcland and Self Storage Plus, we’re committed to giving back to our community in any way we can. From providing our neighbors with affordable self storage solutions to supporting local organizations and associations, we’re always eager to do what we can to make a difference in our nearby communities.

We're proud to give back to the community through programs, events, and sponsorships. For the last several years, we have been a lead sponsor for Race for Every Child, which benefits Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC. We are thrilled that many of our employees, and their families, were able to join our  team on race day.  As a regional company, it is important for us to give back and support the local community.

Giving Back

More Than Developers

relationship based. data driven. growth minded.

Our Journey


Arcland is founded by Noah Mehrkam.


Arcland opens the doors to it's first store in Ranson, WV.


Arcland opens the doors to it's second location in Bristow, VA.


Arcland sells 4 properties with a +3x multiple return to investors.


Self Storage Plus is acquired.


Arcland adds 8 new self storage properties, setting a new precedent for growth. 


Arcland adds 10 properties continuing to accelerate growth. 


Arcland owns 38 stores, with over 15 self storage facilities in the pipeline. 

Proven Results

Arcland’s footprint has grown to 50+ self storage facilities in over 20 markets across the Mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States, encompassing more than 4 million rentable SF with over 15 projects in various phases of development.

Noah Mehrkam | Arcland CEO

"I’m proud of the role we play in the neighborhoods we support. Self storage makes things easier on people. Whether it’s relocating, saving important items, or encouraging small business activities, we are an integral part of these communities. And we do it in a way that fits, with comfort, convenient and secure properties."

Noah Mehrkam | Arcland CEO

Meaningful Relationships

At Arcland, we believe there is a better way. Our relationships-first approach unlocks value by focusing on collaboration with our partners. This Inclusive culture allows us to scale our business to sustain greatness.

Risk Mitigation

Through our rigorous data analysis, we are able to mitigate risk before making an investment, giving us actionable information that allows our footprint to grow.


Establishing world class properties means never giving up. As a team, we aim to challenge ourselves every day to  maximize our potential. Our persistence and dedication make us pound-for-pound the best. 

Always Learning

To achieve the highest return on our human and financial capital, we must always be curious. At Arcland, we believe the best way to control our destiny is through our unwavering dedication to learning.  

More than Developers

relationship based. data driven. growth minded.

Founded in 2006 by CEO Noah Mehrkam, Arcland has distinguished itself from traditional real estate models.  Noah has assembled an experienced team dedicated to continuous improvements of its industry-shifting, growing portfolio. Arcland offers a sound business model featuring unparalleled attention towards today’s customer needs, such as convenience, aesthetics and security.  Over the past decade and a half, Arcland has demonstrated that company growth and market share can be achieved while also building state-of-the art facilities that meet the storage needs of the households and small businesses it serves.

More Than Developers

relationship based. data driven. growth minded.

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