Charles Town Self Storage

257 Keyes Ferry Road | Charles Town, West Virginia

Facility Built:  2007 (newest building)
Facility Acquired:  February 2014

Managed By: CubeSmart

Facility Size Including Expansion:
Total Units:  673 climate controlled and exterior drive ups
Total Rentable Area:  77,485 square feet

Facility Size at 2014 Acquisition:
Total Units:  391 climate controlled and exterior drive ups
Total Rentable Area:  46,500 square feet

In February of 2014, Arcland purchased this property near its Ranson location.  The value-add acquisition strategy included installing new management, modernizing the leasing office and upgrading signage, to enhance the customer experience, and provide a higher-quality look and feel to the property.  Additionally, Arcland finished the upstairs office area to provide professional office space to small businesses.

**see bottom of page for details on the facility’s 2017 expansion**

Expansion Building - NOW OPEN

Construction Began:  October 2016
Open for Business:  August 2017

Managed By: CubeSmart

Total Units:  282 interior climate controlled and exterior drive ups
Total Rentable Area:  30,985 square feet

In April of 2016 Arcland acquired the similarly-sized property adjacent to Charles Town Self Storage - accomplishing multiple objectives:

  • Merging the rear of the property into the Charles Town Self Storage lot allowing it to be expanded

  • Subdividing and constructing a prominent pad-ready site to sell to Waffle House

  • Minimizing the additional land costs to Charles Town Self Storage via the Waffle House pad sale and sale of additional excess property

Aerial view above site looking north south over the new travel way between the existing facility to the left and the new building to the right; the subdivided and newly-opened Waffle House is in the upper right of this image