Fort Meade Self Storage

James Oesch Photography

3370 Laurel Fort Meade Road | Laurel, Maryland 20724

Construction Began:  October 2014
Open for Business:  December 2015
Solar Commissioned:  New Year's Eve 2015

Managed By:  CubeSmart

Total Units:  878 climate and non-climate controlled
Total Rentable Area:  77,900 square feet

Arcland's First Solar-Powered Self Storage Development

The site for Fort Meade Self Storage sits at the intersection of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and Laurel Fort Meade Road (MD Route 198) at the southwestern edge of Anne-Arundel County.  The area is surrounded by fast-growing residential and commercial development sparked by its proximity to Fort Meade and the ancillary government agencies that have re-located on and near the base.  Across Laurel Fort Meade Road, Arundel Gateway is a 300+ acre master-planned community that will only strengthen the residential, commercial and retail base surrounding the property.

Fort Meade Self Storage is another Arcland ground-up development project designed as a four-level facility including exterior access units accessible from two levels.  The walkout basement design was utilized in order to maximize at-grade rentable area while managing construction costs.

In June of 2015 Arcland engaged Baltimore based Suntrail Energy to begin designing a roof-mounted solar array with the goal of erasing the facility's electricity bills.  

Suntrail began the project by narrowing in on the annual kilowatt consumption by studying historical usage of comparable facilities and identifying the local electricity rates.  Once Arcland completed its cost benefit analysis including federal and state incentives and proved to itself that the project was economically viable, Suntrail immediately moved into the design and permitting phase of the 135.2kW, 416-panel project.

From inception to completion/permission to operate, the project took just over five months and was turned on New Year's Eve 2015.  Suntrail's industry expertise and ability to push the project through the local agencies was instrumental in its success.  

Arcland's first rooftop solar array