Southern Avenue Self Storage

901 Southern Avenue | Oxon Hill, MD

Phase 1 (existing warehouse conversion)

Construction Began:  September 2014
Open for Business:  February 2015 

Managed By: Extra Space Storage 

Facility Size Including Phase 2 Expansion:
Total Units:  1,476 climate controlled and exterior drive ups
Total Rentable Area:  121,489 square feet

Facility Size at 2015 Phase 1 Opening:
Total Units:  532 interior climate controlled
Total Rentable Area:  41,534 square feet

In 2012 Arcland identified a warehouse property that was in imminent risk of foreclosure.  Utilizing an existing relationship with the lender, Arcland, in a joint-venture with Maisel Development, was able to acquire the 14.4 acre property that included a 60,000 SF  warehouse which is located along Southern Avenue and serves as the southeastern DC/MD border. 

The development occurred in two phases.  Phase 1 includes 532 climate controlled units, a high-quality leasing office and a two-bedroom manager apartment.  Phase 2 delivered in late 2017 and added 945 units and 78,680 square feet of rentable area (see bottom of page for more info).

**On the property sits one of the original 40 boundary stones delineating the 10-mile by 10-mile District of Columbia boundary.  Boundary Stone Southeast #6 has been restored and a new fence now surrounds the marker, which is located adjacent to the leasing office along the Southern Avenue frontage.**

Boundary Stone SE #6 newly-restored and replaced onsite

Phase 2 - NOW OPEN

899 Southern Avenue | Oxon Hill, MD

Phase 2 (new three-story building and exterior drive-up additions to Phase 1)

Construction Began:  November 2016
Open for Business:  December 2017

Managed By: ExtraSpace Storage 

Total Units:  945 interior climate controlled and ground-floor drive-ups
Total Rentable Area:  78,680 square feet

In late 2016 Arcland broke ground on Southern Avenue Self Storage Phase 2.  Phase 2 was designed as a ground-up three story building with interior climate controlled and exterior drive-up units and additional exterior drive-ups via external add-ons to the Phase 1 building.

  • Delivery of 82 exterior drive-up units to a property that was exclusively interior-access climate controlled

  • Arcland's fourth rooftop solar array project

Suntrail Energy for web.jpg

Southern Avenue Self Storage is Arcland's fourth rooftop solar array designed and installed by Suntrail Energy.

In early 2016 with design of the expansion building fully-underway, confirmation was received that, although the property sits on the Maryland side of the Southern Avenue property line, its Pepco electric feeder line was actually part of the District of Columbia grid and eligible to trade renewable energy credits on DC's marketplace.  

Opportunities for value-creation based on access to DC's renewable energy marketplace:

  • Maximizing size of rooftop solar array immediately became economically feasible due to pricing of DC sRECs as compared to those generated and sold in Maryland

  • Additionally, the expansion building was designed to be 100% electric and will not incur the cost of natural gas

  • Arcland/Maisel were able to negotiate a beneficial lease agreement with Suntrail Energy allowing Suntrail to install its own solar array on the existing, under-utilized Phase 1 roof in exchange for annual lease payments.

Arcland/Maisel Solar Array

  • 240.48 kW system

  • 668 panels

  • 340,000 kWh /year

Suntrail Solar Array

  • 588.72 kW system

  • 1,552 panels

  • 662,000 kWh /year